Personal assistant

Most of us would probably like someone to help with our daily jobs and give us a bit of extra time. Now personal assistant can do that job. Personal assistant consists of doing any order or erand you wish (ordering food, doing a shop, taking your suitcase to the airport, collections from any place), hire any type of service (cleaners, builders, repair your car), anything you dont have time for, personal assistant will do it for you.

Personal assistant will do everything for you the best way possible!

Personal assistant services

Personal assistant are qualified professionals and very responsable, guaranteeing every request gets done propperly.

To work with personal assistant is a great solution if you need help in any situation without having to employ somebody full time.


Working with documents/data

The compilation of information via the internet to compire a data base via excel, microsoft office word, prepare presentations, inquiries, questionares, documentations, translations, photocopies, scans and fax, etc.


Planning and organizing your day to day, reserving hotels, getting flights, applying visas.


Social order

Your Personal Assistant online can do things such as write christmas cards or other on your behalf. Organize weddings receptions or other celebrations. If your in an unconfortable situation, your Personal Assistant will help you solve your conflict.

Other tasks

Personal assistant can help you in any situation or moment. You may need any simple task doing which tou dont have time for: make an appointment with your doctor, hairdresser, collect your washing from the dry cleaners, walk the dog… Things in your day to day routine you may forget or simply cant do.


Our Advantages

Personal assistant will help you with:

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